Spy’s Equipment

Spy's EquipmentA spy is a person engaged in espionage, obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential. Espionage means infiltrating enemy’s ranks. It is a crime under legal code of many nations. In the United States it is covered by the Espionage Act of 1917. So this topic is dedicated to spy’s equipment.

  1. Shoe with containers-Shoe equipped with little hiding-place which is usually positioned in the heel of the shoe, and it was called container. In here you can hide different objects, for example documents.

Shoe equipped

2. Blades inside of peanut shell-In 1970 American scouts used blades hidden inside the shell of the peanut shell.

peanut shell-In

  1. Günter Guillaume’s camera-With help of camera scout Günter Guillaume conducted surveillance after chancellor name Will Brandt.

Günter Guillaume's camera

4. Knife disguised as a comb-This hair comber is not what it seems. It is a knife disguised as an accessory and used as a self-defense device for spy’s.

Knife disguised as a comb

5. Cherry with a eavesdropping device-None will guess that the cherry in the drink can be an eavesdropping device for spy’s.


6. Birds performing as a spy-A bird with camera attached to it was used in XX century’s. The post-pigeons were flying in the  air, while the miniature camera was taking pictures.


  1. The car depicted in the image below is 007 James Bond’s legendary Aston Martin.

Aston Martin

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