SR Socially Relevant Film Festival is back and in hybrid mode

NEW YORK, NY—The SR Socially Relevant™ Film Festival (#SRFF2022) has returned in hybrid form, opening at the Lincoln Center’s Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, at Village Cinema and neighboring venues from March 16-27, 2022. 

The ninth edition will cover a broad range of socially relevant™ human interest stories. The Official Selection of SRFF 2022 was unveiled last week for press and media, cultural VIPs, sponsors and partners. It was broadcast live on Facebook from Monte’s Trattoria in West Village, NYC.

The films, trailers and synopses are accessible online under SRFF 2022. 

“In these difficult times, films made by our talented and dedicated filmmakers offer us the added bonus of learning about the human condition, about filmmaking, and about engaging an audience as the first step towards awareness leading to social change. We are lucky in that our hard work as volunteers is rewarded by this content,” said Nora Armani, SRFF founding artistic director.

Armani, an actress and filmmaker, founded SRFF in 2013 as a response to the proliferation of violence and violent forms of storytelling. SRFF believes in the power of film in raising awareness of social issues and promoting positive social change.

This new edition is even more impactful as it covers climate change and women; immigration and refugees; women empowerment; Indigenous Peoples’ rights; LGBTQ rights; genocide and holocaust; youth; disability; incarceration and freedom; politics and social equality; sex trafficking; racism; BIPOC cultures and colorism; and life during COVID. SRFF believes that positive social change can happen through the impact of Socially Relevant™ films on society.

In its first eight years, SRFF has showcased over 550 films from 35 countries. This year, SRFF is offering a roster of 55 selected narrative, documentary and short films from 39 countries. The special COVID-19 category renders homage to victims of the pandemic. New categories are children, web series, and animation. Q&A sessions with filmmakers follow most in-person screenings. Meetings with the filmmakers online complement the program.

The mission of the SR Film Festival is to shine the spotlight on filmmakers who tell compelling, socially relevant™, human interest stories, across a broad range of social issues.

Early Bird $7 tickets for Cinema Village and $75 All-Access passes are on sale online for a limited time. Regular passes will be $200 and in-person tickets $15 thereafter.

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