Taner Akçam’s Book On The Armenian Genocide Published In France

Taner Akçam, professor at Clark University in the State of Massachusetts, US, published the book “Killing Orders: Talat Pasha’s Telegrams and the Armenian Genocide” in 2018.

After the publication of the French edition of the book, the historian gave an interview to the French magazine “La monde”. According to Akçam, those who deny the Genocide against the Armenians often insist that there is no evidence of what happened in 1915.

“The murder orders invalidate all of these claims. The book tells about direct orders to kill Armenians.

Denial in Turkey is deeply rooted even in government. Denial can only be politically challenged. All this should be viewed in the context of the great struggle for the establishment of democracy in Turkey. Only a change of government can change the official stance of Turkey on the Armenian Genocide. My conclusions will help those who are fighting for the establishment of democracy in Turkey,” Akçam said.

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