The 1915 Armenian Genocide

The 1915 Armenian GenocideThe most terrible page in Armenian history, the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923, is connected with the WWI.

Taking advantage of the conflict, the criminal government of Young Turks together with the German specialists organized the mass slaughter of the Armenian population.

Despite drafting male Armenians into the army, the Turkish government left them without any weapons, thus weakening the Armenian community. Then, it gradually organized ethnic cleansing of Christians (including Armenians).

Having cut off the able-bodied population from their families, the Young Turks left nothing in their ways to stop them from cruelly dealing with women, old people, and children. Under the pretext of deporting people from their homes, Armenians were sent to the harsh depths of the empire.

On the way, many died of thirst, hunger, and cold. Only half of the 3 million Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire survived, only 1.5 million people.

AZNAVOUR: They Fell – Ils sont Tombés – Onlar düştü – Նրանք ընկավ

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