The Aggressive Speech of Mammadyarov and The Silence of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Aggressive Speech of Mammadyarov

Since the April four-day war of 2016, a number of agreements have been reached, among which, first of all, has been the installation and activation of a monitoring system that would allow determining the aggressor-instigator of escalations or hostilities.

It is clear that all the reached agreements were primarily opposed by Baku, especially concerning the monitoring system, which immediately demonstrated the Azerbaijani aggression.

At that time, the monitoring system was unilaterally established by Armenia, which made it possible to prevent the further escalation of the sabotage war imposed by aggressive Azerbaijan. Note the February sally of Azerbaijani saboteurs and their further elimination.

Based on the monitoring data, no one has any doubts in who is the actual aggressor.

One of the “achievements” of the current Armenian government in the negotiation process, as a result of the notorious “negotiations” in elevators, is the complete oblivion of all previous pro-Armenian agreements.

Instead, we received a formulation on the preparation of the Armenian population for peace, which ignores the aggressive policy of Azerbaijan. It is known that this country pursues a policy of heroization of the murderers of Armenians. Azerbaijan also forbids people related to Armenians – be they citizens of Armenia or not – to cross its borders.

The peace formulation can also mean the preparation of the Armenian population for the surrender of territories, which the Kremlin along with its real allies, Turkey and Azerbaijan, has been coercing for thirty years.

This trio is the cause of all previous wars, including the 2016 April War. Otherwise, the logic of the delivery of the newest weapons to Azerbaijan and Turkey from Russia and the logic of preparing the Armenian population for the notorious peace by the same figures do not hold water.

Considering the statements of the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan made in Brussels almost in unison with the current government’s policy of preparing the population to peace, there is a persistent feeling that official Yerevan is loyal to the ongoing policy of the Russia-Azerbaijan-Turkey tripartite union.

Otherwise, there is no way to explain the dead silence of the current government of Armenia, primarily the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to the clearly aggressive statements of Mammadyarov in an interview with Armenian journalists.

Due to this, another question arises. Where did all this “velvet revolution” come from, which turned out to be so helpful for disrupting previous pro-Armenian agreements and so beneficial for the Kremlin and the unity represented by Azerbaijan and Turkey, who all have a common goal of finally demolishing Armenian statehood and physically destroying Armenians?

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