The Ancient Nature of the Armenian People

The Ancient Nature of the Armenian People

Something has survived and has come down to us since antiquity. This something is called the heritage of the ethnos. People can be deceived – they can be forced to accept another faith, and they can be given other values in order to destroy their future.

Even the noblest and honest people can be deceived into slaves of passion. You can make them forget their history and heroes, bringing them down to baseness and filth in behavior and morality.

But this is something that I call the heritage of the ethnos, it is impossible to destroy. This unlimited greatness laid in the heart of any descendant of a great nation.

The blood of the great flows in us. No matter what slaves we are made into, this greatness will direct even the most humiliated and fallen people, it will force us to rise from the ashes, doing so until the Universe completes the cycle of existence and mother Earth gives up its spirit.

There was no time in history when we would become slaves to someone forever. There is only a time when we were made slaves to ourselves. The true descendants of the great, choosing between death and slavery, always choose death. Here it is, the nature of a great race, a free kind.

In the photographs are Armenian detachments who fought against the Turkish evil. The inscription on the flags reads “Freedom or death.”

Tigran Zakharyan: Armenian books

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