The Armenian Cultural Heritage and the Question of Nakhichevan

An eye-catching headline exclaimed: “Azerbaijan destroyed more monuments of the Armenian cultural heritage than the terrorists in the Middle East.” Especially taking into account that the terrorists destroyed not only Armenian monuments.

Unfortunately, this is a truth. The mediocre policy developed during the last 2-3 decades of the last century by Heydar Aliyev was successfully applied in the Soviet era but no longer brings the past results.

Let us recall that during the Soviet period, such a policy was conducted at the highest state level with the involvement of historians-falsifiers Diakonoff and Piotrovsky.

In the modern world, this kind of lies is revealed literally in a matter of seconds with the help of modern soil and genetic analyses that break the futile attempts of Azeragitprop to discover the non-existent identity of the Azerbaijanis. However, Azerbaijan’s politics does not change from this.

It should be noted that Nakhichevan suffered the most from the Turkish and Azerbaijani vandalism.

This article presents two videos that cover the global issue regarding Nakhichevan as well as when and by whom Nakhichevan was alienated from Armenia.

First of all, we need to understand one simple thing, namely, the fact that between the Bolshevik Russia and Turkey, there were signed illegal treaties concerning Armenian territories without the participation of Armenia in 1921.

As a result of these treaties, Turkey withdrew the lands of historical Western Armenia.  The second Turkish state with stolen territories, i.e. Azerbaijan, took Karabakh or Artsakh with the adjoining Armenian territories and Nakhichevan.

Within the framework of the same treaty, Georgia also received Javakhk with its surrounding territories.

One of the tasks of modern Armenia is to make these agreements illegal and not valid at the international level.

Նախիջևանի հիմնահարցը (Հյուր` Յուրա Հովսեփյան)

Նախիջևանի հայկական մշակութային ժառանգությունը (Հյուր` Արգամ Այվազյան)

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