The Armenian Highlands and Its Living Stones – Armenia and Armenians

The Armenian Highlands and Its Living StonesArmenia and the Armenian Highlands are called a “mountain island” because they are positioned above the neighboring countries and feature magnificent mountain chains, picturesque plateaus, and extinct volcanos. In this land, Armenians, one of the oldest peoples in the world, have lived and developed since ancient times.

The very first accounts of the Armenian Highlands and its inhabitants come from the most distant corners of the past.  Moreover, latest genetic analyses have shown that the legendary 2492 BC, the year of establishment of the first Armenian state mentioned by historian Movses Khorenatsi, is quite realistic.

Because the Armenian Highlands has always had an important strategic role in the region, Armenian states one after another have become the bone of contention between various nearby countries and empires, including Roman, Persian, Parthian, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Russian Empires.

Nearly all powerful states of antique world attempted to conquer Armenia. At the beginning of the 20th century, Armenia and Armenians were almost wiped out from the face of the earth. Like the country and its people, their historical and architectural masterpieces withstood the shocks of their harsh surroundings.

The majestic monuments of Armenian religion and culture make it clear that Armenians have never abandoned their religious and national identity, even when they have been deprived of their state. Christianity became the symbol of unification and longevity of Armenians. It is not surprising that the unique sights of Armenia are mostly Christian temples.

Armenia. Living Stones.

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