The Beginning of 2017

The Beginning of 2017Millions of people participated in grandiose celebratory events devoted to the beginning of 2017.  All around the world they were dipped into festive events on New Year’s Eve.

In Auckland, New Zealand’s most populous urban area, fireworks were launched from the Sky Tower. Nearly 500 kilos (1102 lb) of pyrotechnics were used during the celebration.

Sydney in Australia, where celebrating New Year has become essential source of local budget’s profit, during New Year’s Eve is being visited by over a million of people annually. Distinctive feature of the present celebration was purple rain over the harbor, a tribute to famous musician Prince who died in 2016.

Paris had the festive show conducted on the background of Eiffel Tower

Capital of Germany greeted the New Year with colorful fireworks. Hundreds of thousands of citizens and tourists watched the celebration at the Brandenburg Gate at the end of the one of the most famous highways of the city Straße des 17. Juni (English: 17th of June Street).

The sky over Moscow’s Kremlin was illuminated by celebratory salute.

The celebration in New York took place on Times Square, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered to observe the traditional ceremony of celebration, which included a crystal ball being descended from one of the square’s skyscrapers. The event featured Mariah Carey’s performance, as well as programs of pop band DNCE and popular American-Cuban singer Gloria Estefan.

The highest skyscraper in the world Burj Khalifa was in the center of holiday events in Dubai.

One of London’s most famous sights, the Ferris wheel London Eye, became the center of public attraction in the city.

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