The Black Book of Turkish Crimes

“The Black Book” is a book-accusation in which famous foreigners talk about Turkish crimes of the late 19th century and Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

Those events resulted in the extermination of two million Armenians, plunder, and appropriation of all property of the civilian population.

No indigenous people were left in Western Armenia, and the remnants of the deprived and orphaned Armenians scattered around the planet. All this happened before the eyes of the civilized world at the dawn of the enlightened 20th century.

The book comprehensively and sweepingly represents the essence of this evil deed, its history, motives, and scale. All authors of the book are foreigners: Russians, French, English, Americans, Italians, Germans, Belgians, Swiss, Danes, Scots, Norwegians, Bulgarians, Estonians, Israelis, Arabs, Czechs, Poles, Iranians, Georgians, and even Turks.

They were people of different professions, different kinds of occupations: writers, historians, diplomats, travelers, missionaries, journalists, state and military figures. Many of them became living witnesses of these events.

The immediate goal of the book is to show the futility of the Turkish policy of denying the statements of objective representatives of many countries.

The multinational group of authors of the book not only represents the consistency of the nature of the monstrous crimes committed by Turkey towards its Christian or non-Christian population, but also justifiably accuses the Turkish empire of planning, organizing, and carrying out the first modern genocide in history.

The idea of creating the Black Book and the selection of authors and published materials belong to a literary critic and publisher Albert Isoyan. The book was published with the assistance of the “Legal Technologies of the XXI Century” Foundation.

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