The Day Before The Ceasefire, Azerbaijan Claimed That “The Armenian Side Violated The Agreement”

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry together with the Defense Ministry again found themselves in a curious situation. The Azerbaijani state, which is constantly feeding its people with lies and is trying to deceive world public opinion by violating the humanitarian ceasefire in Artsakh, has attempted to accuse Armenia.

Back on October 25 (at 22:02 and 21:02), the Azerbaijani authorities announced in advance that the Armenian forces had violated the ceasefire, despite the fact that the ceasefire was to come into force only on October 26 at 08:00. But Azerbaijan had prepared and published the texts in advance to spread another lie.

According to the calculations of official Azerbaijan, Armenia had violated the ceasefire long before it came into force. Realizing its mistake in timing, the Azerbaijani MFA then deleted this message.


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