The Documents on the Armenian Genocide in Istanbul are Encrypted – Taner Akçam

The Documents on the Armenian GenocideArchival documents on the Armenian Genocide of 1915 kept in Istanbul are encrypted, said Turkish historian Taner Akçam during a meeting in Yerevan State University. Akçam thinks that Turkey will continue to deny the Armenian Genocide.

However, Turkey needs to find new documents to prove their point rather than just call the existing, reliable documents into question.

“I spent about 6 -7 months in Ottoman archives. All the documents were filled with ciphers. Many words like “exile”, “Armenians”, “my brother” were encrypted. However, the Ottomans have been changing the coding system every year. What I discovered was amazing,” said Akçam.

The documents Akçam investigated appeared in the archive in 2012, shedding more light on the Genocide.

“They can’t call the reliability of those documents into question. Turkey will continue to deny the Armenian Genocide, but they will have to find new ways to do so,” concluded Akçam.

Taner Akçam

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