The Harvard Medical School on the Origins of Europeans

The Harvard Medical School on the Origins of EuropeansOn the basis of the latest innovative genetic studies, researchers at the Harvard Medical School discussed new theories of human migration identified by complex DNA analyzes. The answers to the human past are hidden in the DNA of the bones in ancient burial mounds and graves.

Increasingly, these answers are being identified, as geneticists at Harvard University and of other countries use sophisticated methods to extract DNA with readable information, despite the devastating effects of time.

Geneticists from the Harvard Medical School (HMS), the Harvard Institute for Advanced Studies, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology emphasized these evolving methods and told about the latest results.

The conclusion of the research states that previously unknown group made a huge contribution to the gene pool of modern Europeans and Native Americans.

They also discussed the results of preliminary studies, which show that the ancient civilization located between the Black and Caspian Seas could create the main group of modern languages, covering English, German, Russian, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.

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All modern genetic analyzes point to the Armenian Highlands as the cradle of humanity in all senses. However, it is not yet customary to call things by their proper names.

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