The Hermitage Museum and the Pseudo-Theory of Diakonoff on Urartu – Kingdom of Van

The Hermitage Museum and the Pseudo-Theory of Diakonoff on UrartuTurns out that according to some interstate agreements, a large number of artifacts found during the excavations in the area of Erebuni (Էրեբունի) fortress is kept in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Of course, one can assume that the idea itself is not bad, given the fact that the Hermitage has Armenian artifacts covering the history with a reference to Armenia, thereby promoting Armenia as a brand.

But that is not true. Speaking about the artifacts found during excavations in the Erebuni fortress, the guides reference a certain state under the false-named Urartu, which is accepted and safely promoted in Russia.

Needless to say, the false history of Diakonoff and Piotrovsky about the existence of three different states in the same territory at the same time (all of them supposedly have nothing to do with Armenia) created under the supervision of the NKVD and the KGB of USSR is being promoted in the Hermitage Museum today.

Who is to blame for the current situation?

Վանի թագավորությունը.(Բիայնիլի, Ուրարտու, Արարատ)

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