The Karvachar Medical Association Building To Be Repaired

With the joint financing of the French branch of the “Hayastan All Armenian Fund” and the Republic of Artsakh, the reconstruction of the regional hospital and the construction of its new building began in Karvachar.

Press Secretary of the “Hayastan All Armenian Fund” Armine Tokhmakhyan said in a conversation with Artsakhpress that construction works had begun in June this year.

According to her, the hospital was built during the Soviet Union. Its most recent (partial) reconstruction was carried out in 1998-2000. Tokhmakhyan said that the two-story medical building is the main structure of medical services in the Shahumyan District. The hospital serves 150-200 inpatients annually.

As part of the program, the building will be renovated, and preoperative rooms, surgery rooms, maternity wards, and a dental clinic will be established in the newly built one-story building. The new building will be linked to the existing one through a central structure.

According to Tokhmakhyan, construction works are scheduled to be completed in December 2021.

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