The “Kingdom of Ararat-Urartu” Documentary – Dispelling the False Theories

The “Kingdom of Ararat-Urartu” DocumentaryThe theory of Diakonoff and Piotrovsky regarding the existence of a separate state of Urartu in the territory of modern Armenia can be now considered completely false. Artak Movsisyan’s documentary is just a tiny drop in the ocean of information confirming the identity of Armenia with Urartu.

The false theory of Diakonoff and Piotrovsky was proven inconsistent by the results of excavations carried out continuously on the territory of the entire Armenian Upland as well as the results of genetic analyses obtained and published on leading scientific resources. Additionally, the data of deciphered cuneiform inscriptions is another strong proof.

One of those indisputable inscriptions was found on the Behistun rock, which was compiled by the order of the Persian king Darius in three languages – ancient Persian, Elamite, and Akkadian.

In this inscription, the Armenian country is mentioned three times under different names – Urartu, Armin, and Arminuya – depending on the language.

The theory of Diakonoff and Piotrovsky asserts that the three above-mentioned states were not the same entity. If you were to wrap your head around the theory, you would realize that those countries existed simultaneously on the same territory!

There is also data that sheds some light on who ordered the deliberately falsified theory and how it was written. This is known from the memoirs of Dyakonov, in which he described how the Persian poet Nizami became an Azerbaijani in the Soviet history. We have already covered this topic in “article name + url”

In the past, that false theory managed to spread all over the world, and today, the Kingdom of Van is more known as Urartu.

Moreover, there are many people, among them Armenians and those engaged in history on a professional level, who adhere to the false theory despite all the arguments and evidence. That’s probably because those historians have been paid for the publication of the false data. Subsequently, they do not intend to admit the fallacy of the theory and prevent the truth from becoming known.

The “The Kingdom of Ararat-Urartu” documentary tells about the ancient Kingdom of Van in detail. The film was created on the basis of studies conducted by a wide range of specialists. The film is in Armenian, but you could use out the available subtitles in English.




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