The Largest Food Service Network In Saudi Arabia Boycotts Turkish Burgers

Saudi Arabia continues the unofficial boycott of Turkish goods. The boycott was joined by Herfy, the largest food chain in Saudi Arabia, and its affiliate Savola Group.

Savola Group announced that it will sell Greek burgers instead of Turkish ones and will stop importing Turkish products into the kingdom.

According to Turkish media reports, the Savola Group owns Yudum, Turkey’s leading oil producer. The latter, according to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, is the 161st largest industrial company in Turkey.

Recall that according to media reports, an unofficial ban on Turkish goods was introduced in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

The Saudis recently detained hundreds of Turkish trucks and thousands of parcels from Turkey at airports. The trucks were only allowed to enter the country after the intervention of Turkish diplomats.

When the Saudi-led alliance severed ties with neighboring Qatar in 2017, Ankara supported Doha in economic and military issues. Diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey have not improved since the disappearance and the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul.


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