The Peace Agreement In Libya As Another Failure For Turkey – The Next Stage Of Turkey’s Military Games Is Donbass

Peace was achieved on Friday in Geneva for one of the largest military fields for Turkey and the zone of expansion of its global influence, Libya.

Turkey has long claimed to be in favor of peace in the region. Then what is the failure of this peace for Turkey? The answer is simple – one of the main points in the permanent ceasefire agreement signed by the belligerents on Friday requires the withdrawal of all foreign forces, one of the largest (if not the largest) of which is the Turkish army.

Erdogan reacted very negatively to this agreement, calling it “unreliable”, “not at the highest level”, and also questioning whether both sides would follow a ceasefire agreement. And, as we all know from the ongoing war in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), when Erdogan voices such words to the public, it means that he will do everything possible to provoke the parties to violate the ceasefire agreement and start over.

As a result, Erdogan failed in Libya, did not achieve sustainable success in Syria, and the much-desired blitzkrieg in the war in Artsakh failed, costing Turkey billions of taxpayers’ money. So what’s the plan, Mr. Dictator, what’s next?

Just 1 week before his serious failure in Libya, Erdogan signed a military framework agreement with Ukraine, without disclosing its exact content to the public.

However, at the same meeting, Erdogan, among other things, noted that “Turkey has always supported and will always support the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political unity of Ukraine, including Crimea. Turkey has never recognized the illegal annexation of Crimea and never will,” he said, adding that Turkey will continue to support the Crimean Tatars along with the Ukrainian authorities.

So, Erdogan has clearly formulated that the next stage of his war games will be Donbas, if not Crimea itself.

While we are all very focused on what is happening in Artsakh, there are rumors among military personnel in Donbas that Ukraine has begun moving tanks, artillery, and personnel towards the front line in various sectors, and these movements are not related to planned troop rotations.

And this happens literally a week after the signing of a military agreement with Turkey. Coincidence? Hardly!


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