The presence of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the roads between the communities of Syunik is a violation of the vital rights of the citizens of Armenia

The Azerbaijani serviceman directed his rifle upon us: the RA Human Rights Defender became convinced by own experience that Azerbaijani Military presence on the roads in Syunik is a real threat to a person

Last week, we became convinced by our own experience that presence of Azerbaijani servicemen on the roads between Armenia’s Syunik province is a violation of the right to life and freedom of movement of people.

In particular, on the way back from Kapan, Tegh communities, villages of Syunik province (on the M2 Interstate road), we stopped for 1-2 minutes in the areas where the Azerbaijani armed servicemen are located.

We were trying to understand what would happen if, for some objective reason, for example, a civilian car stops in that area because of the car malfunction or for some health reasons. We, of course, were in civilian cars.

This photo illustrates one of the Azerbaijani locations; the section of the road between Shurnukh (Goris) and Davit Bek (Kapan). Once we stopped one of Azerbaijani armed serviceman noticed us, he entered his hut, immediately came back with his rifle and directed it upon us.

After standing for 1-2 minutes in another place, the Azerbaijani armed servicemen started making restless movements, following us with binoculars, then they started whistling and clamouring.

Our own experience proved that itself presence of the Azerbaijani servicemen on the roads between communities of Syunik is a violation of the right to life; right to free movement and other vital rights of the RA civilian population.

These justifications with relevant evidence will be used for security zone concept and will also be sent to the relevant international bodies.

The photo shows the Azerbaijani location between our two villages through Google Earth.

Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan

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