The Root “HAYA” – ՀԱՅԱ – Among the Peoples of the World

The Root “HAYA” – ՀԱՅԱ – Among the Peoples of the WorldA video clip covering the meaning of the root “Haya” from the standpoint of different nations and civilizations has been recently published online.

Being the endonym of the Armenians, the word “hay” is one of their native words. But who knew that this word is closely connected to other peoples of the planet, including the American Indians, Basques, Celts, Chinese,, Jews, and Assyrians?

The 7-minute film was created by Vahan Stepanyan and was based on the study of an independent researcher of ancient civilizations Yuri Sargsyan.

We find out that according to the Yakut Olonkho (a heroic epic tale of the Yakuts), the world has been created by gods-creators called “Hayi”. In addition, “aya” means “holy”, “divine” in Greek. The name of the renowned basilica Hagia Sophia (Greek: Αγία Σοφία) literally means “holy wisdom”. In Hebrew, the word “haya” means “live”, “be”, “exist”. Haya is the highest rank of the spirit in Kabbalistic teachings. The film contains several other similar facts.

Yuri Sargsyan said that this film is a preface for a more large-scale project.

“Here, we only raised questions but didn’t give any answers. We are planning to shoot a film to present the results of large-scale and thorough studies. This is some kind of a preview, through which we wanted to receive feedback on the project.”

Sargsyan was behind the idea of the film. Over more than 7 years, he has been investigating the accounts of ancient civilizations about the Armenian country and its people. According to Sargsyan, he discovered the root “haya” accidentally, which then led him to astonishing discoveries.

“In my opinion, finding out the origins of our endonym is highly important”, noted Sargsyan. He thinks that uncovering the mystery of the word is important to Armenians and also the whole world.

“The spread of the root “haya” isn’t restricted by geographical borders or religion. Thereby, I think that the key to understanding its true meaning is important to not only us.”



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