The Turks Almost Destroyed an Ancient Temple in Syria

The Turks Almost Destroyed an Ancient Temple in SyriaAs reported by publications of worldwide media, the Turks invaded Syria. Their destructive assault resulted in the partial demolition of a 10th-century Hittite temple.

Ain Dara is located 10 kilometers south of Afrin. Experts report that almost 60% of the structure is destroyed. The act of the Turkish army was condemned by the Syrian archaeological administration, which stated that “this reflects the essence and hate of the Turks towards Syria as well as towards the past, present, and the future of the Syrian people.” A former head of the administration Maamun Abdul Karim noted that Ain Dara has been renowned for its “exceptional” basalt lions.

It should be noted that many Syrian archaeological structures were damaged or destroyed by ISIS due to their alleged connection with the pagan culture.

Abdul Karim mentioned “especial savagery” of the Turks and compared the destruction of the Hittite temple with the elimination of ancient monuments in Palmira. He also remarked the identical attitude of the Turks towards ancient villages south of Afrin.

These villages are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as the oldest villages in southern Syria. Dated between 1st and 7th centuries, they represent the agriculture of the Byzantine period.

Ancient Middle Eastern Temple Destroyed – ROBERT SEPEHR

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