The Turks Took Threats Against Armenians To The Streets Of Lyon

The Turkish racist group after attacking peaceful Armenian demonstrators in France with hammers and knives poured onto the streets of Lyon at night, waving Turkish flags, violating public order, and threatening the Armenians.

Lyon resident Nathalie Bianco shared some details of the incident on her Facebook page:

“Within the span of just a few minutes, we saw hundreds of Turkish youngsters gather and fill the city center. In their hands were flags and sticks. In the center of the city, they shouted ‘death to the Armenians’, ’Allahu Akbar’. They were clearly looking for a fight and threatened those who looked in their direction.”

Some of the gathered Turks did not hesitate to display the badge of the “Grey Wolves”, known as a terrorist organization. A police car arrived at the scene, and according to eyewitnesses, the “riots” lasted half an hour.

As a reminder, on the same day, in the morning hours of October 28, the Turks with hammers and knives had attacked Armenians holding a peaceful demonstration.


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