The Unfinished Project “Arev” by Paris Herouni Interests the Entire World Except for Armenia

The Unfinished Project "Arev"

Arev is a small unfinished solar thermal power station designed by Paris Herouni near the village of Tegher, Aragatsotn Province, Armenia.

In the 1990s, the energy crisis in Armenia and the country’s blockade prompted Paris Herouni to develop and create productive systems of solar energy sources.

In 1991, Herouni presented his project of a thermal power station named Arev (Armenian: Sun), which was defended by 7 international and 2 Armenian copyright patents.

Compared to other similar international projects, Arev possessed greater productivity and received the attention of developed countries and large international organizations.

A desire to buy the project was expressed by China, the UK, Russia, the US, Greece, and other countries. However, the goal of Herouni was the implementation of the solar thermal power plant project in Armenia.

According to design estimates, the construction of a hundred solar thermal power plants with a capacity of 1.5 MW in Armenia would make it possible not only to provide the entire country with electricity but also shut down the Metsamor nuclear power plant. Also, thanks to the production and export of solar thermal power plants, the Armenian budget would earn one hundred million dollars a year.

Today, the Arev project in Armenia is forgotten, but there is interest in it in other states.

Herouni was also the inventor of the “solar plate” which focuses the sun’s rays at one point and provides up to 700 degrees of heat, which allows for the making of ecologically clean dishes in minutes.

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P.S. What is the reason that Armenia cannot lay down a gas pipe from Iran with throughput sufficient for its economy? Why can’t Armenia build wind farms capable of lowering market prices? Why can’t Armenia build solar stations for the same purpose and result? Because in Armenia, the “age-old friend and brother” holds a monopoly on the production of energy of all kinds. And for the same reason, Paris Herouni was not able to complete his project Arev.

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