The Village Of Arzakan Has Had No Drinking Water For 30 Years

The Arzakan village is one of the most picturesque places in Armenia. The resort located nearby is attractive for tourists thanks to not only its natural beauty but also the superb service. Here, travelers are offered all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay and relaxation.

I am sure that many of our subscribers have heard about this, but our actual topic is about something else.

Residents of about 40 houses from the village of Arzakan in the Kotayk Province said that despite the tense situation in the country, they would begin to block roads if they did not receive a clear answer on drinking water in their houses from the governor of Kotayk and the mayor of the town of Charentsavan.

These people have had no water for 30 years. More precisely, they have water, but only for 4 hours per day.

“We do not ask for much – at least for 6 hours a day of drinking water. Every time, we have been deceived, we have believed in the velvet revolution and have also joined the struggle. We believed that at least the issue of water would be resolved.

After coming to his position, the new governor Romanos Petrosyan also promised to solve the problem, but, like his predecessors, he turned out to be a bluffer. Our water which flows from under our houses is used by boarding houses and hotels in Aghveran that are visited by people from all over the world, visitors are swimming in pools there. Guests have all amenities, while we, the residents of Arzakan, have been living without water for 30 years in our own houses.

Authorities campaign that we take care of hygiene during the pandemic, but how can we maintain hygiene if we do not have water? Maybe, they can tell us?

Each of our homes has 6-7 people, infants, seniors. If the country’s leadership does not solve this problem, then we cannot vouch for ourselves. Our patience has burst – we will simply blow up the pipe through which our water flows past us.”

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