Turkey is Grateful to Russia for the Support – Historical Deja Vu

Turkey is Grateful to Russia for the SupportIn February 2017, after the seizure of the Syrian city of El-Bab by the Turks, the adviser to the Turkish President İlnur Çevik expressed gratitude to Russia on behalf of the Turkish government, stating:

Turkey is grateful to Russia for its support in taking the Syrian city of El-Bab. Without the support of Moscow, Ankara would not have managed to do it.”

He also said that Turkey together with Russia is making efforts to further strengthen the cease-fire throughout Syria.

“We started with small areas, establishing a cease-fire regime there. Now, it is becoming permanent. This is the success of Ankara and Moscow,” said Çevik.

The Syrian settlement was one of the most discussed topics during the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Moscow and his meeting with Vladimir Putin in early March of 2017.

This is just a small episode from the cooperative Russian-Turkish operation in Syria. The cooperation still continues.

Something similar between Moscow and Ankara has already occurred about a hundred years ago. Back then, the leaders of the two countries established very close relations, and the same happens now.

But then, the fraternal countries divided the lands of Armenia. It seems that they’re now planning to do the same with Syria.

“The victory of new Turkey over the interventionists would be fraught with incomparably greater sacrifices or would even be completely impossible if not for Russia’s support. Russia supported Turkey both morally and financially. And it would be a crime if our nation forgot about this support,” Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

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