Turkey Owes Armenians 800 Billion Dollars – Armine Karapet

“Armenians all over the world should take unified steps for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide so that Turkey returns the ‘debt’,” thinks Armine Karapet, the Chairperson of the UK branch of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund.

According to her, Turkey owes the Armenians more than $800 billion. “Of course, they cannot fully return the debt, but we must present our demands. We need to endlessly talk about the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

We need to work all the time, which is rather difficult and will require quite a lot of expenses. I hope there will be people who will take care of these costs,” said Armine Karapet.

As for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the United Kingdom, the philanthropist noted that they had repeatedly addressed the country’s authorities with letters, condemning their inactivity.

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