Turkey Plundering Syria’s Cultural Heritage – Heritage & Culture of Syria

Turkey Plundering Syria's

To all those who care about Syria and its ancient heritage, we need your help, support, and advice.

There are several confirmed messages with photographs that Turkey is destroying, robbing, and exporting the cultural and archaeological heritage of Syria in the Afrin District (منطقة عفرين).

As a result of the plunder, Turkey appropriated and exported many archaeological artifacts and treasures belonging to the Syrian people.

We appeal to you for help and support in this very lamentable important issue and ask your advice on how we can stop the vandals and prevent the ancient culture’s further destruction.

Source: Heritage & Culture of Syria

P.S. Some time ago, I published an article in several Facebook groups: “The Turks Almost Destroyed an Ancient Temple in Syria.” I must say that the Turks are very active in all social networks for various reasons, one of which is the financing of their online activity at a state level.

Alas, after several days of opposing the aggressive onslaught of the Turks who traditionally pretended to be innocent sheep, the publications were removed from all groups, and in some groups, my account was blocked.

Because of this, I fear the Syrians in vain rely on the support of international organizations, including the corrupt organization UNESCO, which in essence is the main catalyst for Turkish lawlessness.

If someone still doubts the objectivity of my conclusion, please pay attention to the destroyed Armenian heritage in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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