Turkey’s Reaction To A Map Of Armenia

Recently, the Turkish media published their reaction to the map of Armenia under the Treaty of Sevres. Article 12 of the political principles adopted by US President Woodrow Wilson in the US Congress after World War I on January 8, 1918, refers to the Ottoman Empire.

In this regard, the following statement was circulated in Turkish media:

“… In particular, according to an arbitral award by Woodrow Wilson, non-Turkish parts of the empire were to be given to non-Turkish peoples.

Thus, according to the Sevres Treaty (Articles 88–93) signed after the war, the President of the United States recognized the state of Armenia in the territory of Historical Armenia and determined the Armenian-Turkish border with his arbitral decision.

On November 22, 1920, under the arbitral award by Woodrow Wilson, the provinces of Trabzon, Karin, Van, and Baghesh were transferred to Armenia.

On December 6, 2019, Igdir was presented as a province of Historical Armenia on the ‘Western Armenia’ TV channel which is broadcast from Armenia in Turkish. There is a great similarity between the map proposed by President Wilson and the map broadcast on the television channel.

A meeting was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Canada on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, during which these maps were shown, and the mountain depicted on the webpage of the Armenian Embassy in Ottawa represents Mount Agri on Turkish soil,” the Turkish message said.

This statement indicates the continuation of the denial policy by Turkey.

By changing the name of Ararat to Agri or renaming the Western part of Historical Armenia Eastern Anatolia, Turkey wants to distort the truth, but these are futile attempts. Western Armenia and its native inhabitants, Armenians, are living witnesses of history and truth. The truth which Turkey will one day face.


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