Turkish Actress Threatened For Criticizing Vulgar Commentary On The Kardashians

Turkish actress Deniz Çakır reacted to the vulgar comment by the leading Turkish news channel “Show TV” addressed to the American TV star of Armenian descent Kim Kardashian.

News commentator Ece Üner had commented on the words of Kardashian about the war unleashed by Azerbaijan against Armenia. The statement said, “Kim Kardashian loves to show her big ‘source’ on screens, we’ve all seen it up close. Did she use that ‘source’ when uttering those words?”

This vulgar comment was condemned by Turkish actress Deniz Çakır who criticized Ece Üner for her nasty behavior and expressed surprise at how such a person could lead the main news channel in the country.

Some Turkish Twitter users reacted harshly to the actress’s words, threatening to deport her to Armenia if it was so difficult for her to hear such words about Kim.

Earlier, a member of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Bulent Turan accused the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) of being an Armenian party, citing statements by CHP member Unal Çeviköz criticizing Turkey’s policy in Karabakh.

Source: Ermenihaber.am

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