Turks Attribute an Armenian Fortress to Themselves and Sell Armenian Carpets

Turks Attribute an Armenian FortressThe Turkish magazine “Milliyet” presented the Tevrik fortress in Sebastia in Western Armenia (now occupied by Turkey) as a Turkish structure. The publication of the Turkish magazine mentions that the fortress was built by Turkic tribes in the 1230s, reports the Armenian News.am.

Tevrik was founded in 855 by the leader of the religious Paulician movement Koreas. The Armenian commander used the fortress as a stronghold in the fight against the Byzantines.

News.am also reported that the one Turkish website put an antique Armenian carpet on sale. The description of the lot says that this ancient carpet is decorated with an ornament and a cross. It is unknown when the carpet was made. The price of the carpet is 7000 Turkish liras, which is about 1200 US dollars (as of October 13, 2018).

Archaeological finds on the territory of the most ancient Armenian settlements indicate that the art of carpet weaving on the Armenian Highlands has already been practiced back in the 4th-3rd millennia BC.

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