Unique Film from the Times of the Armenian Genocide – Library of Congress

Unique Film from the Times of the Armenian Genocide

In July 2016, a unique film from the times of the Armenian Genocide was discovered in the library of the US Congress.

This discovery is significant since it had been previously believed that only photos confirming the facts of the mass exodus of Armenians from Turkey existed.

Found by Marin Lwinsky, this film shot in 1923 is the first motion picture that depicts the early 20th-century events in the Ottoman Empire. Its authenticity is confirmed by experts.

On one of the frames can be seen the orphanage where the British took care of the Armenian orphans until they were taken out of Istanbul.

Уникальный видеоматериал о Геноциде армян в Османской империи

1915 AGHET – The Armenian Genocide (In English)

Le Genocide Arménien (FR – Arte – 2005)

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