Unique Photo of Sose Mayrig and Dro

Unique Photo of Sose Mayrik and Dro

We present to your attention a unique historical photograph. It depicts Sose Mayrig (Sose Vardanian), the widow of the legendary hero of the national liberation struggle of Western Armenia Aghbyur Serob.

Next to her is the last military minister of the First Republic of Armenia Drastamat Kanayan (Dro). This photo was taken in Cairo in 1947.

Their struggle and the struggle of the sons of the Armenian people who had been forced to migrate from Armenia was continued by the new generation and brought to its logical conclusion in 1991 when Armenia again became free and independent, winning the Artsakh war.

And the remains of Sose and Dro since then rested in their homeland, in Yerablur and Bash-Aparan.

Ruben Shukhyan

Sose Mayrig and Dro

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