Unique Vishapakar Found in Goris

Unique Vishapakar Found in GorisAs a result of the efforts of an Armenian-German expeditionary group, a unique vishapakar (dragon-stone) was found in the vicinity of the city of Goris in Syunik Province, Armenia. While vishapakars are vivid examples of Armenian monuments, this particular vishapakar features a unique appearance.

The director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia Pavel Avetisyan says that the vishapakars found before are sculptural (mostly carved in a shape of fish), while this one is basically more of a stone with carved-out images.

“The menhir we found in Goris several days ago is also sculptural, but no similar vishapakars have been found before,” stresses Avetisyan. He also says that vishapakars are rare examples of the monumental sculptural art of the Armenian Highlands. Moreover, vishapakars are exclusive to the Armenian Highlands. Those monuments mostly belong to the 3rd century BC.

According to Avetisyan, most of the vishapakars have been shifted from their original locations. “We gather these monuments and put them back on their pedestals. Most of the them are damaged, and some of them are underground. Vishapakars are found on the slopes of Mount Aragats, on the Gegham Mountains, and in Syunik”.

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