Vatican Tried to Stop the Armenian Genocide

Vatican Tried to Stop the Armenian Genocide

According to the Italian TV channel Rome Reports, researchers of Vatican archival documents on the Armenian Genocide published the first book about the attempts of Pope Benedict XV and his curia to stop mass slaughters in the Ottoman Empire.

The publication presents a chronological story about what measures the nuncio (the official diplomatic representative of the Pope) Cardinal Angelo Maria Dolci took in an attempt to stop the Genocide.

“The Vatican did everything it could and even what it could not – the nuncio met people who were well outside of the diplomatic sphere. The delegate did not have the right to take such steps.

Dolci met ministers, the Grand Vizier, and the Sultan. He spoke on behalf of the Pope and the Holy See because he was convinced that Pope Benedict XV wishes to help and save these people,” says Valentina Karakhanyan, co-author of the aforementioned book and one of the researchers of the Vatican archives.

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