Video Compilations Featuring Armenian Petroglyphs

Video Compilations Featuring Armenian PetroglyphsOver the last months, we have accumulated large amounts of information on our site about ancient petroglyphs in Armenia. Our latest material covered the various themes reflected in the Armenian petroglyphs.

The rock carvings, some of which are 11,000 years old and even older, contain thousands of years of history and even mention the great flood. The motifs of legends and myths have been depicted in Armenian petroglyphs long before the emergence of alphabets. Apart from that, the petroglyphs contain astronomical knowledge, such as the images of the twelve constellations.

If the topic of Armenian petroglyphs interests you, you could learn more by searching for older materials on the site. Just enter “petroglyphs” into the search bar. For now, we have several videos featuring various collections of Armenian petroglyphs.

Oldest Petroglyphs,Cradle Of Civilization

The Armenian Wheel Of Eternity

Petroglyphs on Ughtasar (mountain), Armenia

Petroglyphs, Zarats Karer, Armenia

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