Vladimir Spivakov Donated His Concert Earnings To The Artsakh Children Aid Fund

Famous conductor and violinist Vladimir Spivakov joined the humanitarian initiative of the Assembly of Armenians and donated his honorarium for an upcoming concert to the Assembly Foundation to help the children of Artsakh.

The Assembly of Armenians on behalf of the entire Armenian world expresses deep gratitude to Maestro Spivakov for his solidarity and support.

The video below is an excerpt from a recording of Maestro Spivakov’s performance at a concert in Yerevan dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

All funds will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to the children of Artsakh, including emergency and urgent needs, food, housing, medical, material, and technical support.

“I will cite words from an old parable that can be addressed to the Armenians scattered all over the world. Each representative of your nation has a piece of sadness in his heart – it will always exist, for many, many centuries.

‘Who are we?’ people asked their wise ruler. ‘You are the light of the world, you are the stars, you are the temple of purity, the universe is in each of you.’

I think the same can be said about the Armenian people, about you.”

Earlier, the initiative was joined by conductor, founder, and artistic director Teodor Currentzis, world-famous violinist Sergey Khachatryan, jazz saxophonist Igor Butman, and Mariam Merabova. They have given concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Milan.

Source: style.news.am

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