“We Are Not The Armenians Of 1915. We Will Make You Pay For Everything” – Armenian-American Hollywood Actor Marco Khan

Hollywood actor of Armenian origin Marco Khan (Khanlian) made another post on his Facebook page in support of Armenians. The Armenian actor is more than confident that today, the Armenians are stronger and better prepared.

“We are no longer Armenians of 1915, we are the generation of survivors of the genocide, more educated, more self-sufficient, more armed. We will not surrender without fight, we will take more from them. And since we are now dispersed all over the world, we will make them pay for everything,” Khan wrote.

Earlier, the actor called on his followers to condemn the Azerbaijani-Turkish provocations by telling the truth.

“The Armenian struggle for survival is important for several reasons. The Armenian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and was also the first to adopt Christianity.

There are churches in Armenia with a long history. But today, these barbarians want to cleanse this history and culture with their gasoline money, trying to create their own false version of history. Please help Armenia, at least by spreading the truth. Any support is important to us,” he wrote.

Source: style.news.am

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