What Have Turks Created in Historical Armenia?

What Have Turks Created in Historical Armenia?

Throughout their existence, neither Kurds nor Turks have created anything on the territory of occupied historical Armenia they have been living in. At the beginning of their history, their tribes have been vehemently destroying everything reminding them of the Armenian people.

Paradoxically, today, the descendants of those tribes can develop and exist only thanks to the goods created by Armenians, which luckily for them haven’t been wiped out.

Moreover, they even now protect the ancient monuments, simultaneously restoring the memory of the legends and traditions of Armenians. For instance, there have been several encounters between Kurds and Azerbaijanis due to attempts to elimination monuments attracting tourists, which is what helps Kurds survive, among other things.

On the other hand, Turks actively attribute names like Eastern Anatolia and ancient Turkey to historical Armenia, notwithstanding that the Turkish state is only 500 – 600 years old at most and that genetic analyses demonstrate the indigenousness of Armenians to the Armenian Highlands.

The Turks could never promote their ideas without outer support. For instance, the British Museum has long been presenting the cultural artifacts of ancient Armenia in a pavilion called “Ancient Turkey”. Thankfully, the efforts of Zepyur Batikyan resulted in the replacement of “ancient Turkey” with the indulgent “Anatolia Urartu”.

Nonetheless, the Turks now call the monuments, which their ancestors haven’t managed to ruin, their own. Even the architecture of the Ottoman Empire has been mostly created by Armenian craftsmen and architects, not to mention Greeks, Assyrians, and other representatives of now-extinct Christian people.

Even the Van Archaeological Museum in Turkey features Armenian artifacts!

The Van Archeological Museum, Western Armenia

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  1. Be carefull , the Turkish state it does
    have hardly only 100 years of existence when Kemal Ataturk proclaim the new Republic , for sure you were referring to the Ottoman Empire

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