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What’s Going On In Karahunj

Earlier, it was reported that barbaric “excavations” are carried out in Karahunj with equipment such as tractors, excavators, cranes, pitchforks, and shovels, with all the work done by ordinary workers without special training.

Thus, the foundations of the megalithic astronomical instruments were exposed. It should be noted that shifts in the megaliths’ positions may devalue the complex as an ancient observatory.

Despite this, the stones of the ancient Karahunj complex not only change places but also disappear (according to rumors, the precious stones are sold abroad). In addition, excavations are underway, and entire trenches have been dug along the megaliths, exposing a long wall which has stabilized the position of the stones for thousands of years. The wall under the megaliths has also protected the structure from groundwater to again ensure stable positioning.

The organizer of the excavation works Piliposyan received a license and permission to excavate in the area of Karahunj from the Committee of Interdepartmental Affairs of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, of which he is a member (this already is a violation of the law). This enterprise is also funded by the Science Committee under the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia.

It should be noted as a separate point that after one of the “excavation” episodes, A. Piliposyan did not cover the excavation sites in accordance with the law. He left everything out in the open at the mercy of Sisian’s harsh weather conditions.

All this was done purposefully (and, possibly, by orders from the outside) to devalue our national wealth, in particular, the oldest observatory in the world that is estimated to have an age of 12,000 years or more.

Meanwhile, Karahunj has an ancient cultural and scientific value. It is a monument to Armenian identity and our historical passport which some countries are interested to destroy – in this case, with the hands of immoral diggers with Armenian names.

Ashot Avagyan, the supervisor of the Karahunj area, has been conducting immoral rituals for years, bringing naked women to the territory of the ancient Karahunj observatory and its adjacent territories. During these rituals, Avagyan once organized his own “funeral” and burned his coffin.

He hung his paintings on the stones of Karahunj. And on the ancient stones of the adjacent territories, he along with his friends and followers carved out images of various animals. He also conducted photo shoots in Karahunj, for example, with mannequins. Avagyan repeatedly made fires in the Karahunj territory as well, which is a violation of the RA Government Decree No. 438 of April 20, 2002.

It should also be noted that an act of vandalism occurred in Karahunj in May 2018, which Avagyan concealed for three months, and a criminal case was initiated on this matter.

All our letters sent to the prime minister and other departments have been eventually forwarded to the Ministry of Culture, which has given ridiculous answers, protecting Piliposyan and Avagyan.

We, thousands of civilians fighting for the preservation of Karahunj, demand that the excavations be stopped and that Piliposyan and Avagyan be held responsible for the numerous violations of RA laws and provisions of international conventions.

More information can be found on our Facebook page “Save Carahunge”: http://web.facebook.com/Save.Carahunge/

Nana Herouni

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