Yerevan, a City of Fountains – Pulpulak

Small fountains of spring water called “pulpulak” can be seen at every step in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. These fountains have long been one of the most recognized symbols of the city. There are over 1,500 pulpulaks in Yerevan.

The word “pulpulak” refers to the gurgling of the water flowing out of the fountain. It should be mentioned that pulpulaks also have a literary name, “tsaytaghbyur”, which literally means “gushing spring”. However, the name “pulpulak” is being used much more commonly.

The most famous, as well as one of the oldest pulpulaks in the city stands in the heart of the city, the Republic Square. It is called “7 springs” as 7 people can drink from it simultaneously. It was designed in the 1960s by architect Spartak Kntekhtsyan, the author of the renowned Summer hall of “Moscow” cinema and the “Marshal Baghramyan” metro station, both in Yerevan. Bronze nozzles in the form of fortress towers that had initially decorated this fountain were stolen in the 1990s. They were replaced only in 2008.

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