Zohrab Mughdusyan In Support Of The Karahunj Observatory

According to archaeologist Zohrab Mughdusyan, archaeological excavations conducted in the Karahunj observatory under Ashot Piliposyan aim to refute the research of Paris Herouni on the history of the observatory.

As Mughdusyan said, during these excavations, stone columns with “telescopic” holes had been discovered, a central section had been found (whose reports were not published), and, without serious arguments, it had been announced that Karahunj was not an observatory but a “tomb field”.

“Their goal was to devalue the Karahunj observatory which is known as the oldest observatory in the world, as mentioned by the most prestigious magazines in the world,” said the archaeologist, adding that a nation without culture is not a nation, “All this is the result of the plans of forces that are working against the Armenian people, and, unfortunately, there are some among our compatriots as well.”

Զոհրաբ Մուղդուսյանն ի պաշտպանություն Քարահունջի աստղադիտարանի

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