A Lebanese Politician of Armenian Ethnic Origins is in the top-5 of the Most Successful Business Women in the Middle East

The Middle East online portal Ameinfo The Middle East Online Ameinfo portal tells about the most successful businesswomen in the region.

A Lebanese politician and law-maker of Armenian ethnic origins Paula Yakubian are in 5th place of the top-5.

Paula Yakubian was previously known as a journalist and a television host.

She is one of Lebanon’s most prominent television personalities.

Throughout her career, she has worked as a host on several Lebanese and pan-Arab international television stations.

She is known for the transformational impact she’s had on her organizations and the broader community. Paula became one of the experts chosen by the World Bank Group as a member of its External Advisory Panel for Diversity and Inclusion, due to her advocacy for women’s rights, her efforts for women’s empowerment as well as for being a fierce defender of electoral women quota and a fairer electoral law in Lebanon.

In 2018, she announced her candidacy for the Lebanese General Elections, running for the Armenian Orthodox seat in the Beirut I consistency.

She was officially announced as a winner following the elections, which took place on Sunday, May 5, 2018.

Source: armedia.am

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