Ara Yeritsyan – Risking His Life to Save Jews

Ara Yeritsyan - Risking His Life to Save Jews

Then, Ara Yeritsyan used his connections with the party “Arrow Cross” to obtain permits, licenses, forged documents, and seals to send the Jews to safe countries under the guise of Germans or representatives of other nationalities which the Germans treated neutrally. Ara Yeritsyan covered all expenses for the maintenance of the clinic from his own pocket.

On February 26, 1981, the Israeli Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center recognized Ara Yeritsyan as the “Righteous Among the Nations of the World.”

The rank is awarded to those non-Jews who saved Jews during the years of the Holocaust, risking their own lives. Yeritsyan was the first of more than 20 Armenians to be included in the honorable list.

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