Armenians Wake Up With Ararat – Monte Melkonyan

Armenians Wake Up With Ararat

Armenians are not yet suffering from complete amnesia, and, probably, this is what the crime is about. The unconscious world is trying to take away our memory from us with political injections, but this is almost impossible.

Every morning, Armenians wake up with the majestic Ararat that is still occupied, which is reminded of every second by its all-consuming panorama.

There, behind the mountain, are people scattered around the world. It is objectively unable to forget its origins. I used to be a specialist in the ancient world; Armenians had 13 capitals. This is just as many times as my people found the strength to restore their independence.

But most of the once great capital cities are under occupation today. This gives rise to a certain national complex that must be overcome.

None of the powerful of this world is able to understand this situation because there is no state among them which’s core along with the capital are under the control of the enemy.

Not under the control of an autochthonous neighbor but an alien element that occupied your home and destroyed your world. Armenians need a reason to revive faith in their own strength.

Monte Melkonyan“Avo”

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