Arshak Ter-Gukasov, Lieutenant-General of the Russian Empire

Arshak Ter-Gukasov (Արշակ Տեր-Ղուկասյան) was a Lieutenant-General of the Russian Empire.

Born in the Havlabar district of Tiflis, Georgia in 1819 to an Armenian family of clergymen originally from Shamkhor (today Şəmkir, Azerbaijan) he started his military career in 1850 and was subsequently involved in the war in the Caucasus.

After being promoted to the rank of lieutenant general, and serving various governmental posts, he was then assigned as the Yerevan Forces commander of Russia’s army during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878.

Owing to his successes in battle, Arshak Ter-Gukasov was awarded medals by Imperial Russia and other foreign powers.

Arshak Ter-Gukasov is depicted during the siege of Bayazid in the first chapter of the novel Khent, written by Armenian writer Raffi.


Taken from Mano Chil

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