Artak Sargsyan – Heroes of Armenia

Artak Sargsyan – Heroes of Armenia

Artak Sargsyan heroically died on January 23, 2015, during the repelling of enemy sabotage in the direction of the positions of the military unit of the city of Berd in Tavush Province. Thanks to the selfless actions of Artak, the enemy was repulsed back out of our borders.

At that time, the names of three Azerbaijani askars became known in addition to the others that had been killed in action by our soldiers. The names were reported by Azerbaijani users of social networks and confirmed by some Azerbaijani media. They were Syanan Isayev drafted from Shabran, Vugar Gashimov drafted from Hajikabul, and Elshan Efendiyev drafted from Zagatala.

It is reported that the askars were killed in the Getabak region which had been temporarily occupied by the enemy. In addition, Captain Asadov Ilgar and Ensign Aliyev Anar were injured.

That night at the border was relatively calm. Only in certain areas were violations of the ceasefire by the enemy, mainly in the form of indiscriminate shooting. On one of the sites, the enemy lost at least five askars as a result of a preemptive strike by the Armenian units.

In general, after receiving a good bashing, the enemy reduced provocative actions at the border.

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