Boris Shelkovnikov, a Russian general of the imperial army

Boris Martynovich Shelkovnikov was a Russian general of the imperial army. A descendant of an old Armenian noble house he was born in Nukha (modern-day Shaki, Azerbaijan).

During the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878 Shelkovnikov stopped Turkish forces in their attack on Sochi and took Abkhazia after defeating the forces of Ahmed Muhtar Pasha in a battle near Aladzhi. He was awarded the Order of Saint George of the third degree on 27 October 1877 for his victory in Aladzhi.

Shelkovnikov’s division met up with General Ivan Davidovich Lazarev and together they marched on the Turkish line to take the province of Erzerum on 2 October. Erzerum was taken the next day, and Shelkovnikov was made governor of the province.

After the occupation by Russian troops Erzurum region was its governor. Actively and vigorously set about it in its duties, but soon contracted typhus and died 10 February 1878.

Taken from: Mano Chil

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