Daniel Decker – I Am Armenian, This Is My Choice

Daniel Decker – I Am Armenian

Famous American and Puerto Rican musician Daniel Decker chatted with journalists about his love for Armenia and the decision to become Armenian.

“I have been visiting Armenia for fifteen years, and last year, I received Armenian citizenship.

At first, curiosity connected me with Armenia, but later, having learned about Armenian culture, traditions, and history, I really fell in love with this country,” he said, noting that Armenianness is not determined by blood since it is a philosophy and way of life.

It is known that Daniel Decker also visited Armenia to support the Armenians in connection with the April aggression of Azerbaijan in 2016, as well as to work on the composition “Araks” with Armenian composer Ara Gevorgyan. The musician also plans to perform and record Armenian spiritual songs.

Daniel Decker wrote the song “Remember” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. One of his CDs’ covers reads: “I am Armenian, this is my choice.”


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  • Every time when I Watching this Video, My heart is crying , but again Thanks God for saving and protected Armenia .
    Thank You so much Daniel Decker
    Thank You Ara Gevorgyan , for this unforgatable song.

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