Daniel Varujan, an Armenian poet

Daniel Varujan (Chpugkyaryan Daniel) (1884-1915) was an Armenian poet, literary and social figure. The founder of Armenian symbolism.

The victim of the 1915 genocide. Was born in a s Brgnik (Sivassky is flying).

He was educated in Armenian educational institutions in Constantinople, at the Mkhitarist School in Venice, and the University of Ghent (Belgium). He was a teacher from 1909-1915. He began his literary activities in 1904.

In the collections of poems “Sodrogania” (1906), “Heart of the Nation” (1909) and “Language Songs” (1912), along with the depiction of complex and diverse relationships of personality and people, art and reality, the poet and his surrounding world are clearly outlined I am the tragedy of a nation that has gone through the throat of suffering, the poet’s anxiety for his future.

Varujan’s poetic experiences invoke the memories of the bloody events of 1894-1896, the sense of tangible danger, and the tragic situation of the defenseless people who came face to face with Turkish rioters.

Cry, mothers, cry. unhappy widows, so that the stars too may be filled with sorrow. and pay for Zarya, stabbed mercilessly by our black yatagan. (“The Butcher”, Poetry Collection, 1985. By. G. Kubatyana).

The struggle of the people rising from the ashes and going to their Dawn, a heroic past, history lessons are one of the main leitmotifs of the poet’s creativity.

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  1. The genocide has passed trauma down through the generations…Daniel is my G Grandfather…Sure wish I could of met him..Only stories handed down from my Grandmother Veronic.

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