David Sarapyan, Nicknamed Dev

David Sarapyan, Nicknamed Dev

David Sarapyan, nicknamed Dev, liked to play a joke on Azerbaijanis on the radio. Once during a shootout, the Dev, who perfectly imitated others’ voices, switched to the enemy’s frequency and said:

“Dear comrade Azerbaijanis! Raisa Maksimovna and I consulted and decided to congratulate you on the day of the vernal equinox!”

In the first minute, the Azerbaijanis fell silent, apparently listening with interest – USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev at the position of the Armenians?! However, one of the Azerbaijani commanders immediately got in touch with their positions:

“This is not Gorbachev! This is damn Dev getting on your nerves!” The Azerbaijanis opened heavy fire, spending a fair amount of ammunition. Ours took cover in a dugout.

Once lull came after half an hour of shooting, Dev with a walkie-talkie got up over the parapet and uttered the USSR President’s usual phrase: “Thank you for the applause!”

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